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How People Help Fight False News

1 day ago

Training a machine learning classifier, with the help of the community.

News Feed Ranking in Three Minutes Flat

By Adam Mosseri
1 month ago

Inventory, signals, predictions, scores: Learn the basics of the News Feed ranking algorithm.

The Three-Part Recipe for Cleaning up Your News Feed

By Tessa Lyons, Product Manager
1 month ago

When we detect harmful or misleading content in News Feed, there are three types of actions we take: remove it, reduce its spread or inform people with additional context.

PBS Wraps 4-Part Series on ‘Junk News,’ Featuring Facebook’s Misinformation Team

1 month ago

NewsHour interviews critics, academics, people who spread false news and those who consume it.

9 Quick Qs With the New Chief of News Feed, John Hegeman

1 month ago

We sat down with Hegeman to hear more about his background, how he’s thinking about the challenges ahead, and the unique perspective an economist can bring to News Feed.

Complicated Problems Need Coordinated Teams

By Greg Marra, Product Management Director
1 month ago

For the first time publicly, an introduction to how Facebook anticipates and prevents abuse at scale. A talk from F8 2018.


The latest updates about News Feed

Bringing People Closer Together

By Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed
5 months ago

Replacing Disputed Flags With Related Articles

By Tessa Lyons, Product Manager
6 months ago

Fighting Engagement Bait on Facebook

By Henry Silverman and Lin Huang
6 months ago

Introducing Snooze to Give You More Control Of Your News Feed

By Shruthi Muraleedharan, Product Manager
6 months ago

Introducing News Feed Publisher Guidelines

By Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed
8 months ago

New Test to Provide Context About Articles

By Andrew Anker, Sara Su and Jeff Smith
9 months ago