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Can Breaking News Break Through on Facebook?

By Alex Hardiman, Head of News Products
8 days ago

Making News Feed a better home for breaking and developing news.

GOOOOOOAL! How Fans Came Together to Celebrate on Facebook

By Rujuta Kortikar and Nick Blair
1 month ago

How Facebook built dozens of surprises for World Cup fans.

How Users Help Shape Facebook

1 month ago

How Facebook gathers feedback from its community of 2 billion.

Chris Cox Dives Deep with “Wired”

1 month ago

Longtime Facebook product lead — and newly minted head of product for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp — talked to Nicholas Thompson about the platform’s responsibilities and plans for the future.

Facebook Ships More Control

1 month ago

Product design lead at Facebook discusses balance between delivering valuable experiences with giving people more control.

How People Help Fight False News

1 month ago

Training a machine learning classifier, with the help of the community.

The Three-Part Recipe for Cleaning up Your News Feed

By Tessa Lyons, Product Manager
3 months ago

When we detect harmful or misleading content in News Feed, there are three types of actions we take: remove it, reduce its spread or inform people with additional context.