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Upcoming Facebook Community Boost Events and What We’ve Learned So Far

By Dan Levy, VP, Global Small Business

In November we announced Facebook Community Boost, a program to help small businesses grow while equipping more people in their communities with digital skills.

As our CEO Mark Zuckerberg said then, we need to make it easier for people to grow their business or find a job. Today, I’m very excited to announce dates for the first five stops on our US tour, where we intend to do exactly that:

The 70 million small businesses on Facebook represent one of the largest communities of small businesses in the world. And we started Facebook Community Boost based on their feedback. We also partnered with the US Chamber of Commerce and Morning Consult to better understand what small businesses need.

Today, we’re releasing a report, Examining the Impact of Technology on Small Business: How Small Businesses Use Social Media and Digital Platforms to Grow, Sell, and Hire, which is based on three national and state-level surveys conducted in 2017 by Morning Consult. Here are some of the things we learned.

The use of digital platforms by American small businesses is ubiquitous.

Businesses face challenges when it comes to the internet.

Businesses are using Facebook to hire, increase sales and reach new markets.

US state-level data can be found in the full report and in dashboards at economy.fb.com.

What’s Next: Understanding Digital Needs in Each US City

To make sure these programs fully benefit each community, we’re working with Morning Consult to survey business managers and people in search of skills and work in each city we plan to visit. We want to find out what digital skills would be most valuable and then build programs accordingly.

Here’s an example of what we learned about St. Louis, the first stop in our tour:

We’re committed to investing in small businesses and their communities, and we’re excited to continue to share what we learn along the way. Find out more and share your feedback.