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Updates to Facebook for iOS 8

By Adam Mosseri, Product Management Director 

We’re excited for the launch of iOS 8, and we’re making updates to Facebook over the coming weeks to make it feel at home on your device.

Designing Facebook for iOS 8

Facebook for iOS 8 will have an improved experience for people who want to share content from other apps to Facebook. By simply tapping the share icon and selecting Facebook, you can choose to share a link to a website from your browser, photos or videos from your camera roll, and content from other apps. Facebook for iOS 8 will have an updated share screen similar to what you already see in the Facebook app. From there, you can select the audience you want to share with, add a location, say what you’re doing, or tag friends.

We’re also making sure that Facebook looks great on the new iPhone screens. We’re creating assets for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ that take advantage of the new screen resolutions, making the experience bigger and clearer. We’re continuing to work to make sure all the features of our app work with the new OS. These updates will be available over the coming weeks.

Location Settings

Nothing has changed about how Facebook gets location information from devices, but Apple has updated its Location Services setting:

Facebook isn’t getting any new location information when you upgrade to iOS 8:

For apps from Facebook that don’t have features that rely on getting location in the background, the Location Services setting for the iOS 8 versions will start at “While Using the App.” These apps include Messenger and Instagram.

To learn more about how location works, visit our Help Center.

We’ll continue to build out updates and new features for Facebook for iOS 8 over the coming weeks.