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Graph Search: Some Favorite Searches

By Maxime Boucher

There are now hundreds of thousands of people using the beta of Graph Search and we’re really interested to see how people are using the product to help us understand what we can improve.

We are still hard at work on building Graph Search, but want to share some of our favorite ways people are using it today.

1. Finding out more about friends

People typically begin using Graph Search by looking up their friends. Some further ideas to try are:

2. Finding photos

You can use Graph Search to find pictures of friends and family, but there’s also a lot of public content on Facebook shared by brands or news organizations. Some ideas include:

3. Planning trips

As well as browsing friends’ holiday photos, people are using Graph Search to plan activities and trips:

4. Discovering new things

Graph Search allows you to search for things that people with similar tastes enjoy, so you can discover new things that you might like. For example:

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