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Facebook Studio: Making Digital Brand Campaigns Better

As marketers look to build digital campaigns to connect with and influence consumers, many are asking how best to measure success and optimize the impact of their ad campaigns. Since the early days of digital advertising, online marketing has been focused on optimizing ad campaigns for the click. But while clicks are an effective way to measure campaigns designed to drive traffic and fulfill direct response goals, increasingly, research from firms like Nielsen suggest that clicks aren’t the right metric for the broader set of marketing objectives beyond direct response.

So how can marketers with goals like driving in-store purchase or branding objectives – those similar to TV – build and measure their campaigns? Today at IAB MIXX, Brad Smallwood, Facebook’s Head of Measurement and Insights, discussed findings from a study conducted in partnership with Datalogix–using a new tool that connects ad exposure (seeing a brand’s ad) on Facebook with in-store purchases (buying the brand’s product). This tool enables marketers who have offline sales objectives to measure and optimize their digital campaigns, and this research represents a first look at the key conclusions from a study of nearly 50 digital campaigns.

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